OUR CORE VALUES

   Honesty and Integrity are at the root of our business philosophy. We believe that customers, employees, vendors and anyone
   we come in contact with should be treated with respect and dignity. Although we are certainly a for profit company, we                 believe that competitive pricing with a reasonable return on investment is fair for us and our customers. We will never take         advantage of anyone in a  vulnerable position. We believe that lasting relationships with customers and employees are the 
  keys to our success.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Dean Woodruff

Integrity RV Service Center, located just minutes west of Atlanta, is owned by Dean and Peggy Woodruff. Along with their excellent support staff, they have a wonderful team that are eager to assist with your RVing needs. 
Our always growing parts department is kept stocked by our parts manager, Zach.
Zach tries to keep the most commonly sought after parts in stock, but he is always willing to search for any part you may need.
Our service team is comprised of experienced technicians with many years tending to the needs of travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes. They can handle any issues from routine maintenance to the most complex matters. We can also accommodate paint or collision repairs if needed.